Endsars Clarion Call 2020. Poem by Solomon Terlumun Tule

Endsars Clarion Call 2020.

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A time was on the pages of papers he cried
His cry we heard and gave him the votes
Why he cried to lead now I question
He is killing us with thugs
The youths they kill with pride
Cos' we asked for our rights
Our future in the grave to achieve!
End-SARS, end-corruption, end-bad governance
Our clarion call.

A call for speech he's mute
The speech to address the mayhem
He's quiet to the plight of the 'nation'
A bad leader, a dictator!
Dictating the Democrats
Look! he kills with pride
Our faults, our votes
A curse to the 'nation', this leadership
Deaf to the people's plight
yet, our clarion call forever we sing
In grave or cave, the call will ring
End-SARS, end-corruption, end-bad governance.

This poem is written in honor of those who lose their in the ENDSARS protest in Nigeria,2020. Your calls for justice shall never go vain. SARS means Special Anti-Robbery Squad, who became brutal and unjust to the poor Nigeria masses
Solomon Terlumun Tule 20 October 2021

I here call on my dear poets on PH to add their voices against injustices in high places.

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Solomon Terlumun Tule 20 October 2021

Nigeria must be the country we yearn for; a country for all and not for the few privileged who want to perpetually dominate and enjoy the common wealth through corruption and selfishness

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Solomon Terlumun Tule 20 October 2021

Today is exactly one year to END-SARS protest by youths in my country when many brutally lost their lives. May all who were killed as result of fighting this just cause continue to rest in peace, we always hope and believe that their blood is never wasted, never in vain.

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