Solomon Terlumun Tule Poems

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When At Last I'm Gone

When at last I'm gone,
to my everlasting home.
what will be my lasting legacy?
will I be judged as one who had no mercy?

Because You Were Sleeping.

when you were busy sleeping,
the enemy planted the seed
the seed of destruction
the seed of discord

Mr Egoism

Everybody can not be you
Mr Egoism
What if everybody was you
Mr Egoism

How Soon She Goes. (Tribute To My Dear Sister, Mngohol Tule)

How soon she goes
She grew like an olive branch
Tenderly nurtured and loved
Like a flower full of sap

Nigeria My Country

My country is under a siege,
That's why I write a dirge.
Nigeria my country is falling apart,
'cause her leaders have taken the wrong path.

Be Grateful.

My standing point
Is someone's prayer point
Yes, I mean your step
Is someone's wish

Endsars Clarion Call 2020.

A time was on the pages of papers he cried
His cry we heard and gave him the votes
Why he cried to lead now I question
He is killing us with thugs

T Baby; A Kind Lady! !

You are Fatima
you fine, graceful as ballerina
you are a kind lady
yes, you T baby!


Earth is full of mystery
everything is mystery!
birth and death is mystery
who know when they come?

My Good Mother.

My mother, my mother, my good mother.
Vividly, I recur all you said,
That for my sake with my daddy you stayed,
Even when challenges warrant your sail.

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