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When at last I'm gone,
to my everlasting home.
what will be my lasting legacy?
will I be judged as one who had no mercy?

when you were busy sleeping,
the enemy planted the seed
the seed of destruction
the seed of discord

Everybody can not be you
Mr Egoism
What if everybody was you
Mr Egoism

How soon she goes
She grew like an olive branch
Tenderly nurtured and loved
Like a flower full of sap

My country is under a siege,
That's why I write a dirge.
Nigeria my country is falling apart,
'cause her leaders have taken the wrong path.

My standing point
Is someone's prayer point
Yes, I mean your step
Is someone's wish

A time was on the pages of papers he cried
His cry we heard and gave him the votes
Why he cried to lead now I question
He is killing us with thugs

You are Fatima
you fine, graceful as ballerina
you are a kind lady
yes, you T baby!

Earth is full of mystery
everything is mystery!
birth and death is mystery
who know when they come?

My mother, my mother, my good mother.
Vividly, I recur all you said,
That for my sake with my daddy you stayed,
Even when challenges warrant your sail.

Day by day we offend the Lord
That was the cause of death
In the garden of Eden
Even during Noah's time it was

Seems they have a brain as ram
Often putting on turban

I walk through a lonely path
No people, no vehicles
All alone I walked
Along the lonely path

The tick tick ticking of the clock
tick tick tack never stops
The tick tick ticking of the clock
tick tick tack never stops

In my quiet time
I sit and think about the things of this life
especially when I don't have a dime
and lonely without a wife

Black and white colours of a zebra
Beautiful stripes black and white
Black and white colours of my people
Strong people with black and white

One day, I'll sit on my building, the upper storey
I'll write and tell my story
To all willing ears
Stories I've had for many years

Get me well soon
from this ailment, from doom
o Lord, savior of souls
the enemy keeps his horrible eyes as owl's

Strange, how strange is this life
I have been reflecting but hardly comprehend
How big things become small
Strange, how strange

Judgement day
That judgement day
Remember the judgement day
Cruel man who is wicked

Solomon Terlumun Tule Biography

Solomon Terlumun Tule is an accountant by profession with profound love for poetry. Most of my poems come from deep thought of my physical, social and mental environment during my quiet moments. Poetry enables me to share and express my thoughts, feelings and emotions to the world. I have written many unpublished poems such as; My Good Mother, If, Strength of a Woman, Spirit of Christmas, and lot more. To Solomon, 'success is a joy, failure a postponed success'. It's my desire that as you read my work you know that we are all created greatly in various ways. 'pay attention to your nature, assess others posture, and you will accept this gesture'. We ought to show gratitude to the creator amidst challenges. I am from Benue State, Nigeria.)

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When At Last I'm Gone

When at last I'm gone,
to my everlasting home.
what will be my lasting legacy?
will I be judged as one who had no mercy?
Will the guns I use lead me to a perfect place?
that I ran a good race?
will they say I was very bad?
making others often sad?
will they say I was peaceful?
or I will be tagged a troublesome fool?
will I receive a heavenly heir?
or rewarded a tormenting hell?
will I be called religious, ethnic and racial?
who was always never impartial?
what will really be said of me!
when at last I'm gone,
to my everlasting home.


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Peter Terkula Sember 27 April 2023

Great job, keep it up

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Keep your secrets to yourself; the person you trust has someone he trust, and the chain continues.

It's not the first people you meet in life that matter but the best people that matter.

Whoever attacks your leader attacks you, because your leader represents you. And if you attack your leader you attack yourself, because your leader represents you. His downfall is your downfall.

However I can not please everyone, I can please someone. So, let me do what I can. ~28/8/2017

I have found one thing verily impossible in life, that is, to please everyone. You just can't, the more you try, the more you displease others. It's just impossible! ~28/8/2017.

The more one wakes up, the more one encounters new challenges and experiences, and one should not relent to adjust and re-adjust if need be.

The groanings of a man in grief could be 'disturbance' to his fortunate neighbor.

That you are born where you are born is a mistake of history and geography; these took you there. Be happy, be humble.

It's dangerous and hazardous to eat all your tomorrow today.

One day in your after-life something will be said or written about you; good or bad. Now, it's your decision to choose what should be said or written when you are no longer here on earth.

Once there's no more TRUST in a relationship of TRUST, the relationship should CEASE.

Man should live for man, such is the essence of living.

Success comes after zeal and passion.

Many say 'life is not fair', but I don't accept that life is dark either.

Be nice! your servant could be source of your blessings. Be nice! (c) 2/5/2020

Appreciate the little I have done, don't wait after I die.

Let everyone follow their passion; passion drives success

Some barriers are only there to project you in your life career.

When you continuously hold a person or people in a in position of discomfort there's high tendency they will revolt. ~2/5/2021

Feeling is emotional, love is decisional.~9/7/2018

Even my Solomon is saying life full of vanity

Everyone has a lot to leave behind, many are only blind to see through their thoughts for the future.

I may not be the best but I do my best.

The past shapes the present for the future. ©

The beginning has an end; this I know since I could reason properly from childhood; that the end had a beginning. This should give humanity a cautious living.

...who therefore is infinite, at least here on earth!

It's most difficult to create Goodwill from little.

They say, 'runners should focus on the finish line', but I feel we all should focus on the finish line.

No one stays anywhere forever. There is always a wind of change, accept and embrace it.

The most beautiful things have their ugly moments too.

A man does his best and God do the rest

Life work for those who work for themselves

In the end, the person you the vouch for no even send you; Rest.

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