Energy Flow Of Love

Away from the daily hassles
Under the green leaves of reverie
Pink flowers fell on my eyelids
Fragrance of you embraced me!

God gifted you beautiful eyes
Like windows of your mind
Looking deep into your pupil
I saw me captured in the camera!

Powerful were those eyes
Good to x-ray even heart and soul
Delving deep into your eyes
I was searching your soul!

Experiencing being entrapped
I was fathoming the depth of your mind
I knew I was losing my identity of being
While trying to merge in your Self!
I could sense the eternal energy flow of love
In me that God gifted to the living beings!

Gravitational force we learnt
Electromagnetism we understood
Flow of electrons protons we studied
We knew not till that day
The intense energy flow of love!

We knew we were linked in a loop
Connected in waves of the energy
In an invisible zone of eternal bliss
Where time, space and existence got frozen
Mind, Soul, and Self got synchronized!

I felt my being got merged into your being
In bliss we chanted the mantra
Hamsa - ‘Who am I?
Soham! Soham! Soham!
I am in You! You are in Me!
We are part of Him!

Let illusion and ignorance vanish!
Ego surrender before Super Ego!
Brahman, Atman are one and the same!
Isvara and jiva are one and the same!
We are part of the Eternal life energy flow!
We are part of the eternal world!

Where time and space get frozen
Mind, Soul, and Self get synchronized
We chanted: 'Soham Brahmashri! '
‘Tat Tvam Asi' Thou art that
You are that! That you are
I am that I am!
‘Aham Brahamasmi!

Let us realize
The Self is the reflection
Of the Ultimate Reality-Brahman
Atman and Brahman are one and the same
When Brahman is without the maya or illusion
And Atman is without ignorance, delusion and ego!

Let us merge our individuality
Into the supreme energy flow of the universe
Let us rejoice the bliss of sublime love of the two united in one
Let us be blessed by the supreme joy of timeless bliss!
Wednesday, November 14, 2012


DATED: 15/12/2012

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