Eternal Energy Flow

Lord you are there everywhere For those who believe in you! Proving that you exist or not May be an atheist's pastime!

In the bloated ego of ignorance Man first thought the Sun Revolved round flat plane earth
A non elliptical non globular earth
Punished the man who told the truth! In the lives of the blatant egotistic

Ignorant, nincompoop
The stone-man
Thought he knew too much!

Killed animals left and right Ate raw flesh like animals Walked naked like animals He knew not he was naked!

He knew not fire and wheel existed
He knew not later innovations He was blind to see anything Even his own nudity!
Existed everything in the air Even from the very beginning Electrons, protons, neutrons Electricity, electromagnetic waves, Omnipotent technology Omniscient Internet! Omnipresent electromagnetism! As manifestations
Of the supreme power of knowledge!

The ‘Web of life' is now the reality Interconnected brains interact Internationally connected, networked Engaging the hearts and minds
Exchanging thoughts, emotions, ideas!

Human beings are hooked in millions All pooh-poohed by the earlier men! Proving that electrons could be there Test tube baby could be made cloned As incredible, blasphemy, non-existed!
Experiencing you in every moment Is my mission and passion in life! When minds are tuned well
In the right frequency Messages are transmitted Broadcast and telecast
In streams, vibes and in mental waves!

We experience that telepathy works
We know radio electronic waves Internet
All wonders of nature
That we discovered existed
Whether we could discover earlier or not
Fire, light, electricity
Radiations, magnetism, World Wide Web
All were there in nature even before we captured!

Right before me
My atheist friend challenged my Guru1
'You God man!
Prove your God exists! '
My Guru was ice cool; smiled and asked: 'Have you seen air, while breathing?
Have you seen, my friend,
Your mind while challenging me?

You know, dear, scientists prove life is matter
Atoms, chemicals and what not
If so, why can't we make life
Out of chemicals, atoms, matter and what not
Without taking any organic cells from the living? '

My Master! I've no questions
Nor do have I doubts
I believe in telepathy
Like electromagnetic waves Encircles earth, space, outer world In the velocity faster than light
In the velocity of mind in mental waves In the endless Ocean of Consciousness Sending and receiving mental waves!

Lord, bless me!
Let me pilot my small vessel safely
In the turbulent currents of life
Let me close my eyes for a while
Let me ignore those uninvited thoughts
Let me focus on my sixth chakra
On my forehead right between the eyebrows
Let me experience the divine illumination within me!

Oh my Creator, let me purify my mind
In transcendental meditation!
Let me experience the ethereal bliss in me
Let me hear the divine voice of yours in me

Let me feel your presence in every breath of mine
Let me fill you in my Mind, Soul, Spirit and Self Let time, space, distance, media, all obstructions And impediments vanish between you and me
Let all unwarranted distinctions vaporise in thin air!

Let me delve deep into the spiritual ocean of eternity
Let my body, mind, intellect, soul, self be in fusion

May the wavelengths of thoughts, emotions, feelings
Get tuned into the right frequency
May the eternal divine energy flow through my spine
May it unite me
With the Supreme Energy flow of the Universe!
Thursday, November 15, 2012

DATED: 16/11/2012.

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