Enjoyment Poem by Savannah Churchill


Rating: 3.1

Doth has generously given to me
Thee divine way to enjoy thine
So with beauteous favor I return pleasure to thee
That your giving tongue lends to mine
To ensure we make sweet in each other's oral vial
Whilst taking ransom of my begging soul
Making sure it will be worth our while
For your gifting tongue doth please my whole
But soon my lips will miss your lyrical sighs
That you now sing so sweetly down below
Sighs that are sung pleasingly between my thighs
Sighs that are satisfying for my ears to know
.....Oh doth has given such pure joy to me
.....With a beguiling tongue that set me free

Charles Chaim Wax 25 December 2005

to be free! pure wonder never felt like that plodding along so I admire the feeling you proclaim and if possible to stay within its magic air a fine poem

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Ben Cassel 22 November 2005

I'm not sure where this poem is going with you. You do not have enough of a grasp of Elizabethan English to make a go of this. It's not a good sign if the reader can't tell whether or not it's a parody.

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and Shakespeare you are not.

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Michael Shepherd 13 May 2005

.. and do you wonder Shakespeare took early retirement?

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