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BODY MODS: I have a scar above my right eye where my eyebrow was shaved off by the road, along with a good portion of my face. The scar is vertical and dark and cuts through my eyebrow. I got it biking home from my friend's house when I was hit by a car which subsequently took off, leaving me bloody and unconscious in the road. Watch out for cyclists because we own the road, too.

FAVORITE BANDS: Neutral Milk Hotel, Form of Rocket, Rasputina, David Bowie, Xiu Xiu, Black Nasty, Interpol, The Billy Nayer Show, Le Tigre, The Beautiful South and Catherine Wheel The Weakerthans.Feist.Joanna Newsom.The Postal Service.Tom Waits.Kai and JJ Nick Drake.Bjork.Bright Eyes.

FAVORITE FILMS: Zardoz, Dead Man, Landscape in the Mist, The Prisoner, The American Astronaut, Burnt By the Sun, Solaris, Nos ...

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Thanks for having a very limited oeuvre here.

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The Best Poem Of Savannah Churchill

Passion's Place

I walk to the edge of the earth
With one step
I am deep in your hearth
Slipping into your arms
Searching for ecstasy
Deep in the wilds
Of your sexual mist
Taking leave of reality
To climax in the heavens
Of orgasmic bliss

As you gently place
Your sweet tender kiss
All over my place
I spread my wings
We begin to fly
Through the moist azure sky

Soaring to passion's place
While losing face
In the heat of desire
As lust takes a walk
On the highwire
Towards the light
While never losing sight
Of passion's goal
Of becoming one
Body, mind and soul

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Savannah Churchill Popularity

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