Enough Poem by Sourav RCY


Rating: 5.0

Enough of this crazy run
Now it’s no more fun
Every moment my soul gets burned
Though still I don’t know where to turn

But enough of this fury & madness
It’s certainly now a hopeless case
Dreams are gone without a trace
And who is crying is anybody’s guess

How can one live with the broken faith
Can’t distinguish life from death
As life takes its last breathe
What I’ve become in love’s sake!

Tears of anguish and pain
Now it seems all went in vain
Everything to lose nothing to gain
What I got is total disdain

I just wanted love that is true
May be that’s too much to ask from you
Now I feel so lost and have no clue
Don’t want to live life with this blue

Life is crying and love is lost
Living with the tired thought
Fighting a battle that is already lost
This is the end; I’m trapped & caught

Enough of this living on the edge
Now I can’t kiss this frenzy & rage
Is this a curse or just my fate
And I don’t know whom to hate!

Chelsi Ruffing 02 April 2007

That was an amazing poem....I know how that can feel....and your right enough is enough. Great writing :)

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Brian Dorn 10 October 2006

A finely penned display of disappointment and confusion... sometimes enough IS enough. Great write, Sourav! Brian

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Linda Ori 29 July 2006

Sourav - Intense, and deeply moving piece. Makes you wonder if love is overrated. But no matter how painful, we just keep going back for more. And you know what? There are no answers - I've been looking my whole life, and still I know nothing about love. Nice job here.......... Linda

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