Margaret Alice

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Esoteric: Aetheric: Cosmic Revelation, Sub-Quantum Phenomenon - Poem by Margaret Alice

A Silver Ray And A Gold Ray

There is a Silver Ray
as well as a Gold Ray
in the Omniverse

There are Light Workers
and an Intergalactic
Charter; there is

A Reptoid and Dinoid
Civilization and a
Time of Radiance

As well as a Third

A Rebel Ray And A Blue Ray Master

All would not be complete
without a Rebel Ray and
a Blue Ray Master

Light Rays are intelligent
containing all information
on the various universes

The soul is a golden-white
brilliant beam of energy,
a million souls had been

Selected from the Pleiades
and from Orion, others were
recruited from Sirius

And nearby

The Rebel Ray, created by
the Siver Ray, tried to take
the planet as a base

Beguiling souls of human
beings – the energy through
which the body lives

Operating in vibrational
frequencies, within an aura,
an energy field

Around the body
that consists of all life events

The sum of all
that we have done
and learnt…

Quoted from Ann Valentin and Virginia Essene “Cosmic Revelation”

A Sub-Quantum Phenomenon

Came upon a site: Physics Prove
Soul by Michael Roll, consciousness
is a sub-quantum phenomenon – with
Wolfgang Pauli connecting paranormal
phenomena with subatomic physics

Only people outside universities can
experiment to prove mind separates
from the brain at the moment of death;
Ronald Pearson’s discovery of ether
was censored in his own country

Though peer-referenced by American
and Russian physicists and published
as “Quantum Gravitation and the
Structured Ether”, still officially
censored by the editors of

“Society for Psychical Research” and
“Journal of Consciousness Studies” in
Britain; yet Ronald Pearson provides
the missing mathematical back-up
for experiments by

Crookes and Richet where deceased
people came back to life – proving
they survived death – such as also
found in repeatable experiments
under laboratory conditions…

Quotes from the Internet: http: //

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