Eternal God And Loving Sustainer

Eternal Mighty God and Creator is our Loving Provider and Sustainer.
Everywhere on earth you can trod you find evidence of a Mighty God.
Mighty indeed with power from above and mightier is His Awesome Love.
God put to death His Only Seed, how can He not give us all we need?

Throughout your own life's pages you will find The Rock of All Ages.
He's there at every instance, for He spoke the world into existence.
He has always been Eternal God with Jesus and The Spirit at His side.
He gave us The Spirit to live inside to be our teacher and our guide.

Indeed God can be your provider and in eternally more ways than one.
First there's no way to deny it, He sent as a sacrifice His only Son.
God will provide all you need on earth to your death from your birth.
He provided us with new birth so we're not destroyed with the earth.

It is by Jesus, for whom all was made, that this earth is sustained.
The entire earth belongs to God, every spot where your foot may trod.
God gave you the breath of life and sustains you both day and night.
Not only you and I friend but the entire world from beginning to end.

To sustain you through Eternity God must first destroy your iniquity.
If Christ is not your desire, He'll preserve you in The Lake of Fire.
Sustained by God in a world of sin, imagine life as Eternity begins.
On the cross Christ set you free so He can sustain you in Eternity.

(Copyright ©03/2004)