Even I Can'T Cover The Bruises Poem by soso khan

Even I Can'T Cover The Bruises

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If you look into my eyes
you will see light
but behind these eyes
you will see fear

if you look into my smile
you will see happiness
but behind this smile
you will see a lonely girl

i try to act like nothing is wrong
like nothing is happening
but even i can't stop it
even i can't cover the bruises

he says its all my fault
and that i can't do anything right
and thats why he hits me
and why i can't sleep at night

but today something happened
they finally noticed
they finally put you away
i'm free

now i'm on my own
and never have i been so happy
never will i be afraid to go home again
now even i can cover the bruises.

By: Soso K. & Kaitlin R.

Joseph Poewhit 18 November 2008

Abuse hurts a person a lot

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Billy Joe Collins 18 November 2008

sad to think one as to hide bruises at all. how can that be called of, to hit someone, good for you to get away great poem

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soso khan

soso khan

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