Ali Rahimi

Everyday Is A New Breeze - Poem by Ali Rahimi

Sunday, day of the Lord,
Day of the goddess of sun,
Let’s have fun, fun, fun,
Teacher, student, farmer, or a nun,
Enjoy the moment,
All leisure, pleasure, beyond measure,
Monday, day of moon, work hard to make ends meet,
In sweatshops, fields, offices, prisons,
On the sea, air, land, underground, mines,
Let’s work in tandem, in harmony,
Let’s not put spoke in others’ wheel, no sabotage, no hijacking,
Tuesday, day of one handed god,
Day of Mars, let’s be fair, help the poor,
Protest against injustice, rush for our rights,
Fight for equality, equity, legality,
Our liberty, transparency, accountability,
All day long, all day long,
Wednesday, day of Wodan, midweek reflection,
Day of Mercury, poetic and musical inspiration,
Let’s think, use our gray matters for a change,
Cogitate over man’s flaws, love, war, future, and destiny,
Read some Plato, Sartre, Kant, Spinoza, Nietzsche,
Delve into life, reality, meaning, life, values, morality,
No shallowness, no superficiality, no physicality,
Musical artistic philosophical from dawn to dusk,
From head to toe,
Thursday, day of Jupiter, thunder,
Let’s be explosive, like a lightning,
Sharing the world, setting all forests of
Ignorance ablaze, burning garments of prejudice,
Friday, day of Frigga, goddess of love,
Day of Venus, feminine star of morning and night,
Let’s love unconditionally, share and care,
Let’s be fountains of love, oceans of emotions,
Shoulders to lean on, let’s hug, hug, hug,
Saturday, day of Saturn, the washing day,
Household chores, mundane acts,
Cook for the taste of friendship,
Meet and eat, everything in apple pie order,
Get dandy, randy, and stay healthy,
Everyday is a new breeze...

Topic(s) of this poem: advice, days, life, lifestyle, mind, philosophy

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Poem Submitted: Monday, March 30, 2015

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