Katherine Lyczek

Everything - Poem by Katherine Lyczek

Everyone is living in a fairytale,
religion, insignificant,
individuality, your mind.
which people consider faulty and unreal...
so what's real?
what's just an absent dream?
failing to push through the void of time,
as our thoughts linger untouched
nothing moves as the clock ticks forward
memories even tend to fade
as people come and go
oh darling..
you my true and only love
lay peacefully solid in my mind
my memory never fading
even through the heavy tears and mindnumbing sadness that has washed over me
i have never left you
i am merely trying to sew up a ripped up wound
blood has gone everywhere
and i am mopping it up with my bare hands
given nothing to hope on
but a silence that stretches on for what seems foreveralas...
is this but a dream..
or a numb nightmare
replayed many times within my mind as i scream myself to wake
tears running down my pale cheeks as the blood rushes to my cheeks
what a dream this all was
i fear i may never wake up...
perhaps we have never truly been 'awake'?
who knows...
this world is nothing but a ironic controversy of what the universe has left us with
a hopeless world
filled with hate and angst
war and crime
too bad the ones causing it are the ones who claim to be the messiah's of the new generation
what a pity...
nevertheless, that can bring you back to the one thought
are we all just waiting to die?
i mean...
wake up..?

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, April 24, 2013

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