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Evil, Innocence And Human - Poem by Lonnie Hicks

Evil, Innocence and the Human

It was that Innocence was seated across
from Evil and the Human

the latter two uneasy in Innocence's Presence

yet both craved her beauty, her purity
her lack of guile
her virginal chastity.

Innocence did not hide her embarrassment

'What is it, ' she said
'that each of you pursue in me?

I have many suitors but you two are most persistent;

I have heard each of you declare your love

each iterating

it is my guiltlessness which attracts you;

my State of Being Without Sin
which excites you.

What is it about? '

Evil spoke first

'Well for me, ' he said
glaring at Human

'is that you are not duplicitous,

guileful as Human is,

and I must too

I lust after this

which is out of my reach.

Too many do not understand'
Evil continued

'that I too was once Innocent
and was horribly defiled

by Human who took my Virginity

crushed it;

took my Chastity

by force

such is the history of how

Evil is born from Innocence


thereafter vows there and then

are made
for revenge

against the Defilers;

thus is Evil born.

Human here holds to the view

that he is Innocence still


stealing thereby Innocence

your soul

your rightful place.

Humans are not pure,

nor evil most

but racked with the sin of self-delusion

of False Morality;

False Statements;
Guilty Silences.

That is why he Courts you

to seize what he no longer possesses

and that is why I am his true rival
his true beau;

he too
wants to possess what perhaps

he once had

but has relinquished in his non-moral world.

After these crimes
he too
is silent to atrocities

he blames me
not seeing he

is as well as I

has Innocence's failure
those silent lustings

either not our triumphs.

Human glared at Evil;

'You dare to compare yourself to me;
at least I possess the honesty

to speak my soul while

you hide yourself beneath

False Pride's Veil

finger pointing to me

while I at least

acknowledge that I Am Beast

Lost and Hopeless

as I
long for the Kiss of Beauty

this being the only way to redemption

for me.

But you Human
hide from I
Innocence here

your true intent

under smarmy

Platitudes of Love.

It is not Innocence you love;

she is your own fantasy

of your own Lost Innocence

seeking to suck away
from True Innocence Here

her vitality

in a Narcissistic Orgy

of self-regarding.

No, this is not love
only Guilt Masquerading
as love.'

Human stood up

taking Innocences' hand

'Evil is

Evil speaks

and proves himself

Evil True
by his Evil words

so lost is he

so far he is
fallen from Grace

he now does embrace Evil All

and tries to make
of it

a Virtue

mocking those who

still remember

and strive for

your hand
to unite
Innocence Past
and Innocent Present.

I have not yet abandoned
Hope as Evil has;
I will not embrace

Mayhem and Riot
Bitter from Innocence lost;
rather we Humans
at least some of us
keep our eyes posted
on that which is Good
even as we might fail
to achieve its glow
we nonetheless
still have eyes to perceive
it most.

Evil seeks to possess for himself

you and your Innocence
to replace his own
Lost Soul

only to lather upon his crimes
more infamy
deluding himself
into thinking himself not Evil
yet powerful enough
from his loss
to seduce you
nay, deserve you
and if
will force you to his will
if you resist.

Look away
He, Evil is known by his deeds.'

looked at the two
in the discourse

finally speaking;

'I am distraught.

In you Evil

I do see the Beast
yet yearning
to be with me
wanting whatever
you think I have to offer
but you are a Beast
and I have no truck
with beastly things
which have eaten other things raw
even as they have pleaded

for their lives, for their case
and livelihood
yet you have denied this very same
to others
all the while
claiming this is done
because you were not loved
and therefore
chose power
over others
as your just reward;
Evil your
substitute and

But I ask you Evil
did you not have choices other? '

Evil did not reply
but after a while said;
'It did not seem so
my lady,
so strong my harm,
my hurt
my disappointments
at such a young age
I felt
there was nothing for me
in this world
aged three I was
and desperate
I sought a wedge to meaning
in declaring that if I am not to be loved
then I shall be feared
and seek
my measure

Human smirked.

'Poor choice;

harmful choice

bad choice'
Human said.

Innocence looked at Human

Know Human
your heart
puzzles me too
because you come to me
cloaked in many veils
such that I cannot see your
True Face
fathom the real you
such that
I cannot fair

Artifice from Truth.

You Human if you did not turn Evil
have covered yourself in
a Too Bright Morality
sipping from a self-made
Guiltless Soup

such that whomever
resides in your house

is difficult to see clearly.

Beast is at least clear to see
but Human which is you-
Beast or feckless Morality? '

Evil said:

'You are wise Innocence
to see clear to essences
because I am Evil
mostly because of my crimes
of these I am doubtless guilty
but Morality here
tolerates me
solely to hide his pretenses
and stealthy Pride Concealed:
he sucks from your teat.

His crime is more difficult to see
but makes me
by this
and I might add
my Evil twin

in this hypocrisy
this colossal
to kill in moralities name
meantime claiming
he is doing it all in your name.

Does Innocence's hands have blood upon them?
I think not
yet blood
is spilled there by those
killing in your name.'


'What have we here
is you both can employ

or continence


I detest

and claim

my suitor to be.

What I think about all this

is never beseeched, or requested.

If war is to be made in my name
I will not bless Gun, nor Sword
nor conceit
or duplicity
and remain true to my

own conceptual self.

I am defined by what I have not done

indeed by my sheer ignorance of what you

are truly like,

or even what you Human are like

as adult.

Because you both have branded me a child

I lack your experience

as if I would

in gaining them

become a woman of the world

and by doing so


no longer virginal

no longer indeed Innocence.


in my repose

ponder my own dilemma

how to embrace womanhood

yet remain Innocent and Virginal;

how to have intercourse

with those evil

and those duplicitous.

How am in this to gain
Wisdom Judicious?

For now I give it a name
for me now
a single word will suffice.'

Innocence said
'I will call it
'Integrities Wisdom.'

And I unsplit
must continence
the split
you two
because this
you both

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