*existentialism Poem by Rommel Mark Dominguez Marchan


Rating: 2.7

Have you ever decided to leave your home for years and followed your wild steps to wander at the remote places for your pen and paper?
Have you ever board in a wooden ship across fury waves and heard nothing except the wail of disaster?
Have you ever trek along mountain ranges without thinking any risk after a false single step?
Have you ever experienced a shaky train ride and passed fenceless bridges?
Have you ever slept even a single night beside the man – made dump site mountain and ignored the foul odor?
Have you ever taken a weary nap under EDSA fly over during political crisis?
Have you ever ran among the rallyist and lost your sandal and knapsack because of the sprayed teargas and police dispersal unit?
Have you ever alarmed and chased by airport fire track while motorbiking along run way and hid beneath sapling trees before silver plane taxi down?
Have you ever visited presidential tomb beyond visiting hour?
Have you ever traveled in a mileage zigzag road and wrapped by fog even in a perfect noon?
Have you ever appreciated God’s masterpiece – the landscape of the world because you were at the cloudless sky?
Have you ever met strangers who offered free 4 days accommodation with winsome hospitality because you were once a good conversationalist?
Have you ever asked myself why I am restless and wanderer?
If ever you raised that personal question
I am glad to say
I had been there before and I still go somewhere
I am existed to explore……………………………

Rommel Mark Dominguez Marchan

Rommel Mark Dominguez Marchan

a.k.a. Jetfellow Marchanism
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