Exposed Blunders Poem by Jai K Garg

Exposed Blunders

The droplets came pouring down one after another,
Smaller ones like scurrying rats followed by lewd cats,
Till the misty haze and winds forced us in the cabin,
In routine captain had asked us to wear life jackets.

Friends curse the moment we boarded this ship for Bahamas,
The ship suddenly heaved and lifted with the massive wave,
In fear we run out on deck to get thrown in the sea;
See the ship vanish from our sight as we now regroup.

Landward tide takes and dashes us on a sand beach,
Blessed we crawl under a dry rock cleft beyond the waters,
Waiting for the stormy devilish night to pass by,
Wet and tired we fall a sleep threatened by lightening.

Sun light hits us from the clear blue sea giving warm joy,
While five of my friends go for food I watch the coastline,
Beyond the beach is the dense forest hazardous and dark,
I wished I was with the active adventure party.

Moments go by I feel the Sun's heat wreck me with thirst,
With caution the sea in view I move under a tree,
The shade now gives me relief from the scorching part,
Soon In the diminish light I see a banana.

In hunger I gulp it down my throat within seconds,
Look around for more I observe an oblique clearing,
At the other end rests a whole bunch of bananas,
I make a run for it feel my self slip in a pit.

With a splash I find my self go deep in fresh water,
Breathless I surface to see my self in a big cave,
Swim to the edge of the flowing stream to rest on sand,
Watch light from the hole above through which I had fallen.

Prey to this intelligent being await disaster,
Survey the bastion for exits and see none exist,
Cool surroundings with quenched thirst duly tired I fall a sleep,
I wake in darkness to feel my self totally naked.

Soft fingers transgress to move through thick abdomen hairs,
Overwhelmed I quiver to the warmth of feline lips,
Hazy though the torso her action set me afire,
With longing in the groins I reach for the hard small breasts.

Whimper's as she spreads her right leg across my prone chest,
Blind to her curves I smell her sweetened aroma,
Wet my tongue in her pleasure caravan as she sigh's,
But suckle and plays with the torturous member at hand.

The salt in her wetness and the raw sweat mixed and crushed,
Force me to press and accept desperate wild probes,
Quick like an Amazon tigress relents to let go,
To captures my hardness between open lower limbs.

We struggle to overpower each other beneath us,
Till she surrenders herself to my power and whim,
With each coup I attempt she bounces back in recoil,
Soon charge's ignites to hit and slam my lovable foe.

Exposed to the elements we taste smell and feel joy;
Free moans and lust portrait beauty in extinct blunders:

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