The Universe Poem by Jai K Garg

The Universe

Rating: 5.0

Limitless! as it plays in its macro structure;
On the nano level, breaking new theories?
Is the big Bang a deception of infinite design?
Reality, an illusions of consciousness; to our existence.

Incursion; our unending process to define the divine?
What of the God particles from a collision course?
Reinvent bench-marks to our formulae formations?
Would the constants hold, with the ground breaking rules?

It is the beauty of nature and the infinite will;
That aid concepts and create illusions in our being!

The Universe

For those who are firm believers and have a ‘Creator' of everything as God Omnipotent, everything is His design. For those who hold Science as Omniscient and Omnipotent, it is Big Bang! But, questions remain

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Jai K Garg 05 December 2022

Finite believers with finite time; infinite energy we assume to be God.

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David Wood 04 December 2022

We can create a God particle to justify his existence, but as in a Big Bang, if everything collapses into a singularity the outcome with be another Big Bank that doesn't need a God particle….5*

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Jai K Garg 05 December 2022

Invincible time and space defined a infinite; what is beyond the universe we observe on the macro level, what beyond the God particles when we crack atoms?

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