Failed Suicide Poem by Jan Oskar Hansen

Failed Suicide

The failed suicide.

He sat on the edge of a cliff, feet dangling in the air
the view was spectacular could see as far as only eagles could
could, and to think he had come here to end his life
Sat there, his troubles seemed small alright his wife had
left him, he had to leave their flat, had also lost his job too
and the visiting right to his snotty little children which
suspected was not his in the first place
For work, he could always get another job than the one he had
was a boring,9 to 5 shifting paper, writing Ok, putting them
on an out-tray.
Now he had a fear of falling laid on his back trying to crawl
upwards, but with his feet over the cliff, he could not get hold
kept slipping down and falling
He didn't fall far, landed in a tree sticking out of a crack and
had grown there for this reason only; clambering to the tree
hang there till rescuers, whose job it is to save people from
themselves came.
Down on the ground and embarrassed, he said, I was not
trying to commit suicide, admired the view, slipped and fell.
Sure, the rescuers said, we have many people, falling from
this cliff when admiring the view.

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