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*** Fairness Of Body *** - Poem by SAKISABRE Saki

Original Father Hazrat Adom alaihi wah sallam was Very beautiful & fair!
He (as) was passing days in absolute happiness with his wife Hazrat Hawaa (as) !
Allah (swt) ordered them not to eat the forbidden fruit!
Both persuasion of his wife & the conspiracy of the Shaytaan made Adom (as) to eat up the forbidden fruit!
As a result, the Heavenly dress shed out from the body!
In one hand, He (as) tried to meet up the shame of the nakedness of the body by the leaf of the tree & on the other hand, his fair body started to be dark!
In this situation, Adom (as) was thrown down at shoron Island of Sree-Lanka
& Mother Hawaa (as) was thrown down at the field of Araafat!
For eating forbidden fruit & the burning heat of the Sun of EARTH made Adom as's Golden body deep black!
It made him so sad as He had a fair body!
He always thought of getting back the fairness of the body! At last with the Waasila of Nabi Muhammad sal lal laahu alaihi wah sallam:
He prayed to Allah (swt) :
'Rabbanaa Jwaalum naa ann fusaana Waa il laam Tagfirlaana waa twaar hum naa laana ku-nannaa meenal khwaasirin'
This dua side by side the dua of the angels to forgive & to give back His honor & Fairness;
Allah granted the prayer & sent JIBRIL amin with an order of performing 3 days of fasting in each month called Aiyaam_e_beez!
On basis of the advice, Adom (as) kept a fast on the 13 of the Month!
It made ONE THIRD of the body FAIR!
Again He (as) kept a fast on the 14 of the Month & it made TWO THIRD of the body FAIR!
At last He kept another fast on the 15 of the Month & it made the whole body as fair as before it was!
Aiyaam means days & Beez means pureness;
So the 3 days of each Month's fasting on 13,14 & 15 are DAYS OF PURITY & FAIRNESS!
Are you want to be fair?
The brighter days are all fasting days!
Fasting sweep sins as soap cleans dirt & filth!
So we have 36 days as AIYAAM _E_ BEEZ in each YEAR!

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