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*** Spiritual(The Qalb Chapter) Knowledge *** - Poem by SAKISABRE Saki

'Verily remember that the Auliallah will need no fear or nor any kind of thoughtfulness (during the Day) ! They are those people who have brought Faith & performed abstinence; & good news is only for them both here and hereafter! Allah's words are not changeable! '

Maarifat or bilayeet has two main basics: - Imaan & Tak-waa! For the Door of Bilayeet, You are having that sort of Status as per your Imaan & Takwaa! Strongest Imaan & Takwaa holders have the best status door of bilayeet! Wali is he who has Kamil(divine) Imman & takwaa! Correction of baatin depends on kamil imaan & takwaa(abstinence) ! Qalb is the manifestation of Imaan! Abstinence have assoiation with zaahir limbs but real takwaa has association with qalb (baatin) ! Imaan gets fulfilled by purity (corrction) of baatin! So a saalik needs to correct two matters- one is aqidah & amals- two is cleaning of Qalb! As per qalb we have two Nature__good & bad! So by the word baatin cleaning we mean, acquire good habits & avoid the bad sides!

Allah will observe not only your appearance but also your Qalb! Just it is like this that Allah will observe both zaahir & baatin of your amal! Attentively performed two rakah of medium type of swalat is better than whole night swalat! Hadis tell: ' Alaa waa inna filzasadi mud-gwataan ijaa swalahat swalaahal zasadu qulluhu waa ijaa fasadat fasadal zasadu qulluhu ala waa hial qalb' Verily there is a piece of flesh in the human body, if it is purified then the whole body is purified; but if it polluted then the whole body is polluted; beware it is it is Qalb!

Qalb means upside down! It is hanging downward! It is the center of life in the body! As it brings blood to the whole body; it is the origin of all INSPIRATIONS! Angels and the Animals are always in the same state of Nature(qalb/mind/heart) but Human nature Qalb/ mind) changes! As Allah's Nature is manifested in the Human qalb & Allah keeps his quality in changing state! Human Qalb the SEAT of Allah! One who never changes with qalb is in the state of ANIMAL! Human qalb changes as per good amals and show many miracles!

see the Miracles: -
Human with QALB_E_MOONIR: - People of this type of Mentality are Much God fearing! They fear Our lord without seeing! They are much attentive to Him so Allah says: Enter my Jannat with Salaamat! This qalb gives birth of the emotion of taubah, desire for takwaa and asceticism!

Human with QALB _E_Saalim: -People of this type of mentality are safe from all matters except Allah! They are thoughtful of Abd & rwab! They have intense feeling for elm & ways to get Allah! Ibrahim (As) has this qalb! None will be pardoned during the last day except he who has the qalb with quality of saalim!

Human with QALB_E_KHASHI: - People of this mentality are Much Polite! Such faithful people are much polite to hear the name of Allah! When zikr is recited they begin to weep to show their politeness!

Human with QALB_E_MOOT-MAYINNA: - People of this mentality have turned to Allah! They are turned with rapt attention; They are on the way of Allah & Satisfied with the Zikr of Allah! & when zikr is heard they become mad to go there!

Human with QALB_E_ Gaafil: - People who are inattentive of zikr of Allah and follower of his own whim are people with Gaafil Heart! Don't follow such people! He has crossed the Limitation!

QALB_E_WOSIM(sinful qalb) : - People who hide that his Heart has become sinful!

Human with QALB_E_MIRAAZ(sickly minded) : - A big disease has been created in Their(kafirs') minds! Allah subhaanu waa ta'ala has increased their disease; & inflicting tortures are waiting for them; & it is for this that they lie for their belief that they are theist!

Human with QALB_E_ZAIG: - This is the type of people with distorted mind! So Allah please don't make my heart distorted!

Human with QALB_E_MAREEN: - This is the type of people having rusty mind! When the holy QURAN was recited line after line to Them; they told them documentless old stories; Actually these are not so rather; they have got rust of bad Activities in their minds!

Human with QALB_E_AMAA: - This is the type of people who are of blind minded! & they are not blind of eyes rather blind of hearts! It is in their chest & It is blind!

Human with QALB_E_MAkNOON: - This type of people have minds covered by Veil! I have covered their minds with veil to realize the Truth; Their ears are bolt fixed! If you give call for the straight way, they will not follow the right! & if you give all the documents, still they won't believe you!

Human with QALB_E_QASI: - This type of people have Hard Heart! This type of heart has been compared with stone or harder than that! It is told that there are some stones which weep & beget fountains & even some roll for the fear of the Creator but such hearts never have shown any effect for the fear of the Great Creator!

Human with QALB_E_MAQHTUM: - This type of people have sealed Heart! It is told in the holy Quran that this type of people have Sealed Heart & Ear! It is also told that they are blind by the veil over their eyes! Allah has given us the Listening & Hearing Power..& if it is seized then?

Human with GALI-ZUL QALB: - Rigid Hearted human being! Allah (swt) says to Nabi Muhammad sal lal laahu alaihi wah sallam: People would move away from you, if you were of a man of bad habit & rigid Heart!

Human with QALB_E_MUQAF_FAL: - Locked up Heart! Such people have locked up heart, that's why good words don't enter their qalbs!

It is Tasaoof that teaches us to Clean Qalbs! The full knowledge of things that could we get by knowing the zaahir & baatin of Things! For proper prayer, we need Ilm(knowledge) Amal(practice) & Ikhlaas(sincerity) ! We need Hard abstinence & Hard work to get the Status of a Saalikin! Hard abstinence & Zikr will remove all bad habits & impurities! If anyone begins such practice, soon he will get Allah's Love & it will sit in the Qalb! Sooner he will be impatient for Allah's love! When he goes out of zikr for a moment, he begins to be anxious! So an Asheeq never seeks anyone except the Maashooq!

' there are some Real Bandaah of ME who recite Taasbih in the Morning & Evening & no worldly activity can turn them back from Zikr! '

'The real wise are those who Remember Allah in Standing, Sitting or Lying States & think about the Techniques of the Creation! '

'One hour of Fiqir(Zikr & Muraqaba) is equal to better than 60 years (or some sources says 100 years) prayers! '

' Remember you Lord with attention within self with high submission, with scare, with low sound in the Morning or Evening; Beware never be forgetful! '

We need to strengthen the relationship of our heart with Allah (swt) ! Tariqa invites us to get Allah (swt's) RIZA(satisfaction) & LIKA(association) ! & it is the matter of the QALB there words are worthless! Two types of TARIQA practitioners are: - 1. Some are ready to do Religious PRACTICEs without caring the result! They believe to do practice without caring of the Results! !
2. Some are Hard working with Abstinence & get the Result! !

Now a question rises as how can we clean our Baatin or Heart? We can't clean our baatin without the help of a Kamil wali! A kamil wali is the Touchstone; His teachings & fayiz make it easy to get the right path of Allah! A kamil wali gives you a life power, emotion & push for the right path! We need 3 things to succeed; - kamil Imaan, abstinence & waasila for right path of life! THE shaytaan fly from one corner of the Earth to the Other....The birds fly in the sky....Some people can walk over the water man stays in Arab during sawum month...but who is real wali who is on sunnah & on ISLAMI Shariyah! ! Last of All ' if u learn ILMI shariyaah but avoid ILMI Tasawoof; He can be a Faasik for the want of IKHLAAS!

(collected & written in short/translated in very simple Language by Mohammad Jahoorul Islam from SIRAJOOS SAALIKIN by PRO. MA KHALEK RTA)

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