Margaret Alice

Rookie - 3 Points (The Crystal Age / Pretoria - South Africa)

Fairy Tale For Grown Ups 1,2 & 3 - Poem by Margaret Alice

Dr Louis Bounoure says evolution is
‘a fairy tale for grown ups’
with all the evil forces
winning for evermore

Evolution contends that design,
complexity, order and purposefulness
resulted from
blind, random processes

Evolution is rooted in
metaphysical contentions and
mythological tales – being a
cosmogenic myth

Therefore I don’t scruple
to express my intention
to reject evolution
and explain my position:

You and I are the arbitration
determining right and wrong
right defined as whatever support
my chosen direction

While wrong is defined as
whatever is leading
away from it –

Relativism and intersubjectivism
reigning supreme!

2. I very much reject the company of Hitler, Marx and Freud:

Adolf Hitler was an evolutionist
par excellence
Karl Marx found in evolution
scientific and sociological support
for communism

Sigmund Freud thought evolution
provided proof that man was
a sophisticated animal -
that mental disorders
are remnants of

Early evolutionary behavior
- evolution is both
racist and sexist
with all the sad consequences
those postulates entail

Evolution is only
a speculative idea without
hard scientific evidence
fashioning the thinking
of society today

I emphatically reject
evolution on the basis
that such sadness
is useless and baseless
disgusting and tasteless

I prefer to listen to
the character Seth of Jane Roberts
postulating that Man is a Perfect Mind
free to create whatever he wants
for all eternity!

3. Pseudosaurs – Birds and Dinosaurs

The fossil record is
a great embarrassment
to Darwin’s legacy
David Raup says

One hundred and twenty years
after Darwin we have
fewer examples of evolutionary transition
than in Darwin’s time

“No verifiable transitions
from one species to another
has been found” I read…
the public unaware

Yet common knowledge
among paleontologists
giving rise to theories like
Pseudosaurs – birds evolving from dinosaurs

Dr Duane Gish says
archaeopteryx is a bird
not a missing link
birds and dinosaurs thrived together

During the same period of time
the late Jurassic
so another dinosaur evolution theory
exposed as false…

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  • (4/1/2007 4:06:00 AM)

    You have from me one hundred percent agreement. Few recognise that their right and wrong are so determined, when they are; when they are not, they are socially determined, and god help us (obviously i use the term 'god' in a non-theist way... :)) t x (Report)Reply

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