Family That's Free

After the clouds have faded to night
Only if the moon is positioned just right
A song echoes out into the dark trees
The song is of the heart, and the heart is of me.

That’s when the predators go on the hunt
This time of night is when it’s most fun.
A deafening howl breaks through the peace
The howl of a wolf, the wolf is just me.

The song has been sung, and the hunt now begins
Rouga, my daughter, is quiet like wind
Kuro, my brother, is fierce claws and teeth.
They follow their leader and their leader is me.

The deer, they hide and flee in fear.
They feel in the ground that we grow near.
Kuro, he growls and Rouga bares her teeth.
They wait for a signal, a signal from me.

I press my ear forward, excitement clear in my face.
Kuro, he barks as he prepares for our chase.
Rouga is nervous, but none more graceful as she.
We spread out for the kill and they look to me.

After the running, the chasing, the tactics, and the kill
I look at my family, who is blessed with such skill.
A family of the forest, born wild and free.
A family of the night, and a family for me.

Hakaishi Uchiha 30 January 2009

Hn... Yay. Very good, as always...

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