Fate Poem by Kolawole Ajao


Rating: 3.3

When next I come to earth
And if reincarnation were
I 'd like to come the way I
came now
My mother will still be the she
My father still will be the one
that run the engine
I 'd bear the name I bear now
I 'd still read Emerson as
well as Whitman
I 'd plant coconut in every
house I build
I 'd be an angler when in
I 'd read about Keats at a
younger age
I 'd be both a mystic and a
I 'd beat drum and phantoms
will dance
I 'd seek the Godhead more
than I did now
I wouldn't default on
philanthropism as of now
I 'd be an inspirer of souls
as of now

At the point of leaving the
gate of heaven
I 'd beg the Supreme Being
To bring in His avant-gardism
I 'd raise my hand and raise
a plea:
'Please make me an only child.

Nurain Ali-balogun 27 July 2012

When next I come to the earth, I'd like to have my present siblings, mother, probably a better father 'running the engine', but most importantly, I'll like to come back as me- Nurain. Lovely poem my friend.

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Peace Okhomina 15 August 2011

You are really an inspirer, this poem is awesome i want to read it over again.

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Jim Troy 14 August 2011

I love this poem my great friend. It is so direct in its convictions and so interesting it holds me captive all the way. Comes from a powerful conviction of the contented soul but eternally embracing the father seeking total love the ultimate journey......................Jim Troy A wonderful painting to me.................

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Jim Troy 11 August 2011

My great friend I am honored to comment on your work of art To me it is like we are sitting by a campfire out in the beautiful countryside and you are telling me how wonderful and grateful your soul is to be what it is. But also because you have matured into the man you now are you inject a direct guide path that you would walk on to perhaps improve and better serve your fellow man. For you are a server and a teacher at heart. A beautiful soul. Just a wonderful painting of a very good man................... Jim Troy

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Kolawole Ajao

Kolawole Ajao

Akure, Ondo State Nigeria
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