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How may I help you?
The ten million-dollar question
Me and some souls dubbed reps
Take delight in asking by obligation

Two love birds:
Singing together,
Perching together,
Roaming together.




Symbolic year-
Orwell wrote a book and called it that
Then was when I was ten
Soyinka was two scores and ten

True gaiety moves you close to tears
When happiness is cloned you 're moved to tear
Where I am, I am with my angels
When I vamoose, I vamoose with them all

Three birds perched
One flew away
Two remained perching
Another flew away

Start by writing anything
and calling it your own poem
Fold your arms and eyes
and wait for people's critiques

I am a soldier!
Albeit I don't own an Army uniform
I belong to the Mafia!
Albeit I never saw Sicily

I decoded this code
I decrypted this crypt
Once written in Roman
And later put in hieroglyph

1 3 5 7 9: oddity
2 4 6 8 10: evenness
The best numerologist of you is you
Nobody knows your number like you


When next I come to earth
And if reincarnation were
I 'd like to come the way I

Even in the rich man's house
Poor man's food is being eaten
You had better eat rich man's food
In the poor man's house


One beautiful man named Lawrence
and his bosom friend called Michael
Chose to re-christen me in 2009
They both slept and had one dream


Darkness descended at noon
Rain fell after it vowed never to fall again
Is there still honey in the hive?
Will we further see the epiphyte glued to the palm?

I met a nitwit
In his titbits
Talk tommyrot
In a manner hurt

That was the splendour of my boyhood
In the southwestern divide of our land
Where my mother excreted me


The fatwa was issued on us
Amidst the darkest of nights
To move away from the coast
To the trajectory of our world

The sunlight of spring comes amidst welcome
It brings refreshment and calmness
That you and I ever anticipated

Sleep seemed to have wished me au revoir
I was left to rollick amidst a strange euphoria
I saw mirage within a myopic distance
Then some poets diagnosed what my nausea was

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How May I Help You?

How may I help you?
The ten million-dollar question
Me and some souls dubbed reps
Take delight in asking by obligation
We make this our routine
Because to do so
Often gets us bacons in our soup
We took some proficiency exposure
Before moving afield
In the course of duty:
We talk to humans,
We talk to ghosts,
We talk to apparitions
And again in the course of duty:
We get praised to heavens,
We get worshipped to idols

What a funny world:
Where you see not those you dine with!

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Jim Troy 09 August 2011

Writes with passion and sage considerations.... Hope he continues writing for a long time.... A very good mind.......... Jim Troy

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