Dirge Poem by Kolawole Ajao


Rating: 4.2

Darkness descended at noon
Rain fell after it vowed never to fall again
Is there still honey in the hive?
Will we further see the epiphyte glued to the palm?
The largest star within the galaxy has dropped!
I am soaked amidst my own tears right now
Hard-hearted, strong-boned that I am
Tears flow like the river in my eyes
We sob even in our heart
The heavens themselves open their doors
And pour down fresh water
To assuage the drought that plague us
As the saint ceases to breathe
He looks as fresh as bitterleaf
Like a newly sprouted bitterleaf
Rich in life
But richer in death.

(Ode to Gani Fawehinmi, front-line human rights activist who ancestorized on the 5th of September,2009.)

Jim Troy 01 September 2011

Kolawole my great friend, chills came over me as a read this beautiful tribute poem. You really have your heart open wide with this one... Just so great and absorbing... You have a masters touch with this. Thanks for inviting me..................Jim Troy

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Bozhidar Pangelov 27 April 2010

how to say very nice?

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Michael Brock 18 April 2010

I very much enjoy your usage of imagery in your poetry. It give strength and passion to your words and opens the visual of your sight. Very well written and the control and movement is very well done. I very much enjoyed this poem thanks for sharing Michael

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Kolawole Ajao

Kolawole Ajao

Akure, Ondo State Nigeria
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