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Father Returning Home

Rating: 4.8

My father travels on the late evening train
Standing among silent commuters in the yellow light
Suburbs slide past his unseeing eyes
His shirt and pants are soggy and his black raincoat
Stained with mud and his bag stuffed with books
Is falling apart. His eyes dimmed by age
fade homeward through the humid monsoon night.
Now I can see him getting off the train
Like a word dropped from a long sentence.
He hurries across the length of the grey platform,

Crosses the railway line, enters the lane,
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a masterpiece kind of poem. Thank you very much

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Chinedu Dike 12 June 2015

Lovely narrative poem, well articulated and nicely penned. Thanks for sharing. Please read my poem MANDELA - THE IMMORTAL ICON.

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Rajnish Manga 12 June 2015

The poem is a true reflection on how an humble and lonesome old man finds himself in his own family. I quote a few lines: Man's estrangement from a man-made world... / His sullen children have often refused to share / Jokes and secrets with him.

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Jasbir Chatterjee 18 April 2014

wow, another poem with so much depth...

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Jasbir Chatterjee 12 June 2015

Congrats on being poem of the day today. This poem certainly deserved to be one; it conveys so beautifully the feeling of a lonely, old man...

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Bruzley 28 December 2020

Wonder full and amazing poem i like kollam poli saanaaam m****r

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dr.sk.ajaz perveen 13 December 2020

loss of human values especially in indian culture too such things r happening so oss of culture that is SANSKAR

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Bharat 23 September 2020

Amazing poem yensfwfyfwtftwfgwwftwftfwfwwfgwf

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Karishma 16 January 2019

I loved the poem Father Returning Home..The words used there reminds me of the current scenario..

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Bijay Kant Dubey 12 November 2018

A father's picture recollected by a son, seen from far just as a man going as a wayfarer, traveller, passer-by; a pedestrian, commuter and in this shuttling in between the house and the workplace which but is the order of the day, modern life and living life will pass away as thus.

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