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Dilip Purushottam Chitre (Marathi: दिलीप पुरुषोत्तम चित्रे) was one of the foremost Indian writers and critics to emerge in the post Independence India. Apart from being a very important bilingual writer, writing in Marathi and English, he was also a painter and filmmaker.


He was born in Baroda on 17 September 1938. His fat ...

Dilip Chitre Poems

Father Returning Home

My father travels on the late evening train
Standing among silent commuters in the yellow light
Suburbs slide past his unseeing eyes

In The Light Of Birds

In the light of birds the lunatic wakes from uncountable sleeps
His burning electric wires begin to glow
Birds sing in every forest of flesh and blood
The lunatic's fingers turn into strings in the outer silence

At Midnight In The Bakery At The Corner

At midnight in the bakery at the corner
While bread and butter-biscuits are being baked
I remember the Rahman of my childhood

Flesh Tint

Like a painting by Velazquez
A woman stands
Alone in the frame

Ode To Bombay

I had promised you a poem before I died
Diamonds storming out of the blackness of a piano
Piece by piece I fall at my own dead feet

Dilip Chitre Comments

Romella Kitchens 18 April 2014

I became acquainted with the work of Dilip Chitre through an issue of Poets&Writers Magazine which featured him a few years before his illness and death. Over the years, even in the Americas, his work can be found. That is proof of his global work with poetry and the high quality and impact of his very personal, real poetic narratives. His curriculae vitae is one of the longest, most impressive accountings of a poet's sojourns on the planet earth one can find. He traveled to many countries and implemented poetry as a diplomatic tool. He won many awards. In short, his (biography) or vitae shows what a powerhouse he was.

14 2 Reply
Ramesh Rai 17 October 2014

I just came across this great person. Desires to know more about.

11 3 Reply
Laxmi banjara 25 March 2018

Very good person .

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DINESH MOURYA 16 March 2018

upload change poem by dilip chitre

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Sylvia Frances Chan 15 August 2021

Wishing your beloved great family CONGRATULATIONS with YOU being chosen as The Poet Of The Day, today Sunday 15 Aug on India's Indpendence Day, R.I.P. for the Great Indian Poet!

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suman 19 November 2019

please upload the poem change

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Sakshi Sharma 28 August 2019

I want more quotes of DILIP CHITRE Please send me

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Bijay Kant Dubey 19 October 2018

Dilip Chitre as a poet is but a multi-faceted genius, not only a poet, but a teacher, a documentary maker, a poetry centre director, a journalist and a globe-trotter too. Not only a Marathi poet, but one of English too. To say the things candidly is the specialty of Chitfre. His translation of Tukaram has added new feathers in his cap. Whatever be his tone, Chitre is of course poignant and devotional.

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Febin 01 September 2018

One of the foremost indian poet

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