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Fear - Poem by Autumn VanBrown

~ Thunder smacked the side of the house like men going into war. Children, outside crying and tears fell without guidance as the ground's warmth quickly covered with the salt of sadness. Doors outside hitting hard and making a statement. Cora stood out on the porch watching as the world around her crumbled. Cora was a sweet and tender girl who was tall and slim. Her hair was bleeding red and hung low like a closed curtain on a cold winter day. Her eyes were focused and just, being the color of sunshine skies and early evening clouds. She was wearing an old pair of blue jeans ripped just above the knee and a summer tank top; black being the color. Lace covered just the rim of the black spaghetti strapped shirt. Her face was perfectly defined and sharply discovered around the neck. Her arms flimsy, but also matched her not yet developed body. She was what you would call a typical teenage girl.

As she sat on the porch, she pondered over the past events.~ *A tall handsome boy with hair as dark as the sky in it's evening of highest pleasures. His face was as flawless as a drawing as it's best. His stance was as perfect as a cat stalking against the fence ready to pounce on the nearest mouse. Perhaps she was this mouse, or perhaps her mind was making her this mouse. Nevertheless, his stature scared her. As he stalked his way to the double doors, his long and spiny hand extended to the tall cathedral door. The door was unlike any other door that belonged to a church. It's glass was formed perfectly like a med evil Camelot store. The top of the cathedral was castle like and pointy, which reminded her of death. After reaching for the door, the boy turned his angular flawless face, facing the girls direction. Looking into his eyes, the girl was instantly afraid. His eyes were the color of blood boiling to the highest temperature as knives piecing into human flesh. Noticing that the boy was not human, she instantly shied away, ducking herself in a near by bush. As she curiously looked up, she saw as the boy reached for the door, burning his skin until his hand reeked of blood and trash. He was a demon.*

~ Coming back into reality, Cora noticed hat her hands ached like bone was cutting her skin. As she looked down, she noticed that her hands were marked with warm stinging blotches of blood. where her nails dug deeply into the soft flesh. The memories of the demon boy trying to pry open the cathedral door stung the back of her eyes. She often wondered why she would see such vulgar images. Perhaps her mind drew weary. Or perhaps these images were real. Nevertheless, there was one thing she felt that she always welcomed and that was 'Fear'.~

Poet's Notes about The Poem

This is not really a poem, but a short story about a nightmare that I once had.

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