Shujaat Hussain

Fear God For His Bounty - Poem by Shujaat Hussain

Forgive or chastise
Stark gamut of His wills
Showers glories on the creatures
Blesses bounties for their features

The fear of god,
Harbinger of pleasure
Guarantees comfort;
Dreading His displeasure
Causes measure for measure

Quite apparent for His beings
Just needed for offering
The sincerity in faith;
The purity of intention.

The matter of belief
God’s are the host of
The heaven and the earth
Creation of life and death
All are His art and skill

To understand or realize
Acquire the purity of mind
As pure as the snow melt;
Water falls from the highest peak of the mountain
Such as lofty and crystal thoughts of the fountain
The sincerity of the quest for the true guidance
To serve the determined personal excellence
After purgation of soul
Leaving behind foul
To raise from the abyss of degradation
To spiritual glory with solid foundation

Take trials and tries, indeed
Tries to prove who is the best in deed;
He made the earth
The mountains a bolt
Adorned the lower heaven with stars
Provided precious sleep for a rest
Blessed the night a covering

Caused the day for seeking the livelihood
Created the seven strong skies
Therein a peerless lamp burning
He sends down from the clouds
Water in torrents
Brings forth by it, corn and herbs.

Look at the sky
Watch the birds how do they fly?
Outstretching their wings
And contracting.
The mind strikes
How does an insect
Survive in its hole?

What hell is?
Neither leaves nor spares,
It shrivels a human body.
Fire! Fire! Fire! Fire! !
No escape from fire
When it brightens
It becomes one of the grievous woes!
And warning unto mankind.

The hell is…..
The destination for the transgressors

But never lose the heart
Hope is given availability of god’s forgiveness
And His pardon for those who sincerely seek it.

For the pious ones is a great realization
Gardens enclosed and vineyards
And mates, beautiful maidens,

And a cup full,
A recompense from thy lord,
An award according to the reckoning

The motion of each body I the space
So marvelously regulated by the universal law
In the universe the least flaw
Of irregularity or failure or a gap
No incongruity I the working of the laws
Of nature nor any disorder or laxity
Shows and confirms absolute unity of the one Singular
And supreme authority ruling the whole world,
Visible or invisible
This unity and continuity is the signs of the unity of
the creature.

All open challenge to the brilliant men
To scrutinize or examine His vast domain
Not once but as demand their desire
With mortal eye in its travel
Would only be their travail.

So, hollow Thou the name
Of Thy lord, the great
Those who fear their God
Guarantees them for their forgiveness
And a great recompense.

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