Fearlessness Poem by Ghazala Lari


The realm of fearlessness, let us delve deep,
As leaders, laymen, or even as a child's keep,
To banish the shadows that haunt from within,
And unlock the courage that lies beneath our skin.

First, let us analyze the roots of our fright,
Are they born of people, events, or the future's plight?
Yet, upon closer inspection, we often find,
Many fears are baseless, figments of the mind.

Some fears, however, hold weight and are real,
Demanding our attention, urging us to deal,
With the gravity they possess, we must assess,
Can we combat these fears and put them to rest?

If the answer is yes, then let us proceed,
With unwavering determination, we shall succeed,
But if the mountain seems insurmountably high,
Leave it for the future, as time passes by.

For what appears dangerous may lose its might,
As days turn to weeks and darkness turns to light,
Not everything unfolds as we perceive,
Even fears and foes can falter and deceive.

Fear only your Allah, the Almighty and Wise,
In Him lies the power to turn tides and skies,
For all protection and safety are His to provide,
If death is destined, none can escape or hide.

Fear nothing but Allah, for He holds the key,
To unlock the strength that dwells within you and me,
Pray for the things that haunt your restless soul,
With time, you'll witness how fearlessness unfolds.

For Allah grants genuine strength, heart, and soul,
Enabling us to face enemies, brave and bold,
In His embrace, fear dissipates like dust,
Leaving behind a spirit that's unbreakable and just.

So, let us strive to be fearless, one and all,
Trusting in Allah Almighty, standing tall,
For in the realm of fearlessness, we shall find,
A life illuminated, with courage intertwined.

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