Feelin You Poem by Tameeka Smith

Feelin You

Rating: 4.0

I have to be totally honest
I keep away from you on purpose
Don't think of it as a bad thing
I may go around other fellows
But I consider them as my brothers
They pose no threat
What I say is true
I mean it
I am not attracted to them
I know the moment
If we were ever around
One another
Out would go my morals and values
I am aware of this
That's why I be runnin
Lord knows that I have to
Keep my panties up
If I am ever around you
I wouldn't put up a fight
I love Moral Kombat
But I ain't into testing my might
Being around you I know
Would be dangerous
Just know this much
I am feelin you
And these words will have to do
It's the best way for me to
Stay out of trouble

Khairul Ahsan 04 August 2013

It's the best way for me to Stay out of trouble Really?

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A Michaelle Yarbrough 29 July 2013

I like it. The honesty of the poem is wonderful. It is well written and flows very nicely. Thank you for sharing

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