Fight Poem by Christina V...


Rating: 3.5

I want you to know
I will fight for you
I forever will stand
Beside you

I want you to know
I will never shut you out
Or cause you again
To have any doubt

It is you that I love
And I long to be near
You are the one
And forever I care

I may have fallen
But I picked myself up
And my baby, I will
Fight for our love

Not with violence
Or troublesome words
That kind of talk from me
Shall not ever be heard

When I say that
For our love I shall fight
Let me make sure that
I make my point right

I will love you so loyal
With passion undying
Something I do
Without ever trying

I will stand beside you
Patient and giving
I will let you know
That you make life worth living

I will honor and cherish
All time that we share
You will never have doubts
Of how much I care

I will love you
With a love never fleeting
As my heart and yours
Together are beating

Allen K. Turner 22 April 2007

I could not have said it any better myself. If it's ok I would love to show this one to my own daughter.

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Outstanding love Poem, my dear...Verses flow like satin blown acoss ice. passionate & warming...this work employs all the basic principles of quality Poetry F.J.R.

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