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I just want to say I'm sorry
I'm sorry for everything I did
I'm sorry for what I didn't do
I'm sorry for being gone to long


You hold the key to my heart,
The choice is your when to use it.
If you choose to wait to long,
Please don't ever lose it.

My friend, my love, light of my life
I am so lucky you are my wife.
U came to me in my darkest day
Like a light shining, Showing me the way.

Most of life is fun & games
Happy times without the pain.
My little girl, I don't know what to do
I've noticed you're a young woman, I'm sure the boys noticed to.

My beautiful daughter, where did the time go?
I have been missing you alot & I do love you so.
In & out of your life, I just want to say,
If you give me a chance, I am here to stay.

To you little girl,
From your father.
I give my love,
To my beautiful Daughter.

Down this lonely road
Through life, I wander around.
Searching for someone,
Who doesn't want to be found.

I love you & I miss you,
I want to see you again.
Soon we will be together,
I can't wait to hold your hand.

My last thoughts, will be of you,
And how your love, came shining through.

My last wish, to be with you,

I did not choose the seperate paths
That led our hearts away.
When that fork came in the road
I did not have a say.

Long after your pain is gone, & you want to make a change
I will be here waiting for you, That'll always stay the same.
You won't answer my call or my letter
But without your help, I cannot make it better.

A one night rendezvous so very long ago
A child came into the world, I didn't get to know
You took from me precious time, that I can never get back
What did I ever do to deserve treatment like that?

You are very good at breaking my heart
Like a master, making fine art.
You do it with such style & ease
You always leave me weak in the knees.

If my Soul is called to heaven,
and I never get to say Goodbye,
It was you that made my life worth living
So please, for me, don't cry!

So you think your father is really really bad
Let me tell you about THE worst dad.
He's never once said 'I love you'& doesn't have time for me
The more I want to see him, the more he leaves me be.

Watch in your mind, as the pendulum swings,
Back & forth, in your dreams.
Imagine in your mind, that you look down,
Reach out your hands & wrap them around.

Why do we have to be, so far apart.
It's not the distance, that seperates our hearts.
If you matched the love, I have for you
Being closer together, would be easier to do.

It's hard to love someone who isn't there
& you know they don't seem to care.
Never around when needed the most
Never around to try to get close.

Looking for the one I have lost
got to find her soon, at all cost.
You'll never know where I've been
or the troubles I have found,

As I sit and wonder where you are,
Why does the distance between us, have to be so far?
I reach out to you everyday,
I try to show my love in different ways,

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Sorry Wait

I just want to say I'm sorry
I'm sorry for everything I did
I'm sorry for what I didn't do
I'm sorry for being gone to long
I'm sorry I didn't fight harder for you

I'm sorry you had to grow up without me
I'm sorry you thought I didn't care
I'm sorry I didn't do all I could do
I'm sorry I didn't know where

I'm sorry, I can't change what I did
I'm sorry you got used to me being away
I'm sorry you don't want me to be
I'm sorry but I'm here to stay

I'm sorry for loving you so much
I just hope it's not to late
For you to try to forgive me
So I can end this Sorry Wait! !


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