Fighting Depression With Your Yellow Poem by Ella Rose

Fighting Depression With Your Yellow

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Your yellow appears during
the darkest days
as you feel the black set in.
Being aware of your
instincts causes a chain reaction
that bleeds into nothingness,
blended below your tortured remorse.

You're scared, I know.
The trepidation crowds your self-worth.
You're sad, I know.
The truth of the matter is that your
foreboding crisis creeps outside the
color of your true essence.

Your essence is yellow.
Always has been, but you
could never feel your sunshine.
The daily struggle of haunting ghosts,
makes you relive the childhood
demons over and over again.

When you were born, you held
a golden locket in your heart.

When you were born, you held
a medallion inside your soul.

These shades made
And you...basked into the smiles
your mother gave you when in her arms.

Depression sets in during trials of
lost souls. The lost souls crowd around and
eat at your flakes of sanity.
Chemical reactions ignite, and somewhere
in between your despondency and agony,
the fire breaks through and you crave
the rain.
Your rain is full of satisfied contentment.
Your rain comes to an end,
and there it is.
Your sweet shades of insightful yellow.

I only have one wish.
That you could've seen your yellow,
before it was too late.

Good bye, my sweet, may you rest in peace...

Fighting Depression With Your Yellow
Thursday, April 21, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: anxiety,deep,depression
Bill Cantrell 21 April 2016

Wow, outstanding emotions steered with elegance, funny you mention rain along with depression, I wrote a poem on depression...dead rain, read it if you wish, I connect so much with your poem.

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Ella Rose 21 April 2016

thank you very much Bill for your kind words :) I will definitely check it out sometime tonight! ~ellarose~

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