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I have seen the facets of love,
From a child to the breasts of a mother
A dying soldiers last words to his wife,
A year later, she marries another

Neon Poetess

Oh neon poetess,
We take delight,
With every word upon your breath

A Greater Peace

With wings of gold,
I touch the light,
What a joy to feel so high
Yet, gliding above,

Catch Of The Day

Looking for a different poem,
Taking me to new dimensions
I want to leap off the edge of midnight,
Into a dawn of new waters,

My Embrace With Poetry's Spell

There are times when it seems,
All words have come to their end
Repetition has exhausted them
As they search out a resting place,

Bill Cantrell Comments

Susan Williams 25 October 2016

Bill Cantrell's poetry is heart-piercing and important and on point. He pens very wise poems and couches them in vibrant word choices and strong and original visuals. .. For example: Tomb of the Rose- - This is an exquisite demonstration of the strength of vision when delivered in simplicity and brevity.. A thousand more words would have smothered the tender message - - a thousand elaborate words would have weighed down the wings of this beauty. It is that rare poem- - perfect just the way it is. . .For example: Enabler- - -There is a different tone to this well-written observation about how our actions or lack thereof can be as evil as the perpetrators'. It's a sad world that this man and this woman live in- it's cruel, demeaning, draining, and soul-destroying... for both of them. Bill's word choices and terms are unique and outstanding- -grooming the darkness- - you give him wings- - and the last two lines of the poem are a powerful indictment of today's society. . For example: Inner Struggles- - This poem is so perfect in its expressions of frustration, its howls of creative desperation, protesting the gelding of the spirit, fighting against the status quo poetry! This poem is sheer creativity on fire! . . For example: Full Circle- - - This is such a whiplash collision of two of the strongest emotions that a human being can ever feel on their turn around the earth. I cannot call it beautiful because it hurts, I cannot not call it beautiful because it is expressed so beautifully. Kelly Kurt found three very good descriptives for this piece- - succinct, poignant, resonates.... oh yes, and excellent. This poem is all of those and more.... so much more. . I recommend that all lovers of poetry take an extraordinary journey through the poems Bill has written. They are diamonds of the first water. In them, he captures it all... the thoughts and emotions and concepts that rule our earthly life. He catches it in his soul and puts it down in words so beautifully and so wonderfully for us.

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Nassy Fesharaki 04 April 2014

I envy your lovely/accurate look at the nature, which you must have around you. Great and all the best.

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Bharati Nayak 10 May 2017

In the page of Bill Cantrell I have found a treasure of poems that speak about poetry.I will come here again and again to read and appreciate.

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Annette Aitken 31 January 2017

I find Bill to be a very gentle man, who writes from his heart. Not only does Bill inspire others to write, he also encourages us to do better. The pictures he paints with his words are like watching them unfold in real time, right there in front of your face. I feel blessed to have made a friend of Bill. Annette.

7 1 Reply
Halin Roche 28 April 2016

not only your poems but your quotations too are highly philosophical Sir. thank you for sharing...

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Cheryl Spillman 06 July 2021

I have missed you Bill.

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Bharati Nayak 09 April 2021

Poem Hunter, please review your new format.

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Bharati Nayak 09 April 2021

I feel sorry when poet like Bill Cantrell is leaving PoemHunter..

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Rebecca Navarre 03 April 2021

May God bless! .. And may you find peace and happiness where ever you go! ..

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Rebecca Navarre 03 April 2021

Like I've said before you are one of the Greats when it comes to poetry and you will be missed! ..

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