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In no way would I ever claim to be a poet, I consider myself substandard to even sit in the audience of the greats of old and today....but I do possess passion, I am a I am grateful for the opportunity to give my two cents of worth more »

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  • Rini Markle (6/30/2020 2:04:00 AM)

    Dear Poet, Bill Cantrell, has music in his words. He lives here to express his soul.

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  • Kumarmani Mahakul (9/30/2018 6:37:00 PM)

    Note: Along with this following acrostic poem on behalf of all poets, Poem Hunter Family and our Mahakul family a title of honour is offered to poet Bill Cantrell as, Brilliant Crown, . From today on-wards he will be known as Brilliant Crown Bill Cantrell. We hope all poets and visitors will accept this.

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  • Kumarmani Mahakul (9/21/2018 11:56:00 AM)

    Bill Cantrell - Poem by Kumarmani Mahakul

    Braveness is his value within lovely mind,
    Intelligent he is with positiveness and joy,
    Learning art of love he perceives humanity,
    Logically he represents his poems in spectrum.

    [Acrostic poem, Bill Cantrell (part-1 & part-2) © Kumarmani Mahakul,20 June 2018. All rights reserved. ]

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  • Kumarmani Mahakul (9/21/2018 11:52:00 AM)

    Caring friend he is for all of us with kindness,
    Administrative values he understands very well,
    Nuance we find in his each poem with great imagery,
    Teaching values through poetic art he smiles in love,
    Regression and correlation readers learn by his effort,
    Engaging in perseverance he worships world literature,
    Light of knowledge he spreads, Kumarnani Mahakul agrees,
    Locus of his is in higher state of readers and reviewers.

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  • Aqua Flower (6/28/2018 10:03:00 AM)

    Bill is my favorite poet. His writings are full of sprirituality, love and empathy for human life! His poems are mystical and magical and a joy to read. You will never be disappointed in anything he writes.

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  • Robert Murray Smith (5/5/2018 9:47:00 PM)

    Bill is a poet with soul. To read his poems is like stepping into starlight.

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  • Dr Dillip K Swain (11/6/2017 10:34:00 PM)

    I will see you on the other side
    Yes, when you come to that place when words are not enough,
    You will find me, and there you will find peace
    -A very soft, refined and delicate poetic imagination dear poet. A wonderful poem is selected as the poem of the day, , , Many congratulations! !

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  • Bharati Nayak (5/10/2017 1:05:00 PM)

    In the page of Bill Cantrell I have found a treasure of poems that speak about poetry.I will come here again and again to read and appreciate.

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  • Annette Aitken (1/31/2017 2:56:00 PM)

    I find Bill to be a very gentle man, who writes from his heart. Not only does Bill inspire others to write, he also encourages us to do better. The pictures he paints with his words are like watching them unfold in real time, right there in front of your face. I feel blessed to have made a friend of Bill.


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  • Vincent Feliciano (12/13/2016 5:00:00 PM)

    You inspire me to write more, Bill, and it is truly my honor to be your friend

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Best Poem of Bill Cantrell ...

The Not So Cold Wind Blows

In the spring, I arrive as a gentle breeze
With the summer, I have my moods
In the autumn, I am stripping naked the trees
With the winter, my heart is an empty room
Yes my name is the wind
I carry the albatross all of his days
Coming and going wherever I please
And no one is knowing my ways
A song I am singing within the chimes
My fingers are strumming the notes in the leaves
Caressing the fields of the fully grown wheat
As the rolling waves of the anxious sea
At times, a victim of slander
For showing no mercy to those lost at sea
Though I carried ...

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