Final Act Poem by oio ZIGA

Final Act

Woke up to the rude chirps
Lively birds outside my window at
first light
lazily opened my teary eyes
still puffy from long night.

Another long night, prepare to hug
cruel reality of another day
Body still breaking sweat
soaked sheets terrified
this ahead day too be long.

Here long day in a lonely empty room
Perched on a wretched lonely plastic stool
condemned to perpetuity
Bearing a lazy weight
A soul in familiar despair.

Window ajar faces east
aglow with hot afternoon sun
Hushed voices never ending
my burdened head spinning and bubbling
like rain drops on a corrugated thatched roof.

Mocking and daring me on
Heed our bid they say
thin and slimmer the line of sanity
now so bleak

The serenity of my mind
Amiss like a feather ferried in a violent
legion lips annoyingly
Nibbling relentlessly at my thoroughly harassed

Enough! softly I moaned
As I stared down in reverence
Upon the man made shiny angel
of death.

Waiting quietly with a lethal gait in my right hand
As the beautiful golden shadow of the first sunlight
flooded the space
I relaxed my tensed body upon the stool still cold
on my bare flesh.

My face flooded
Overwhelmed by the warmth of the shadowy sun
I closed my puffy eyes with traces of dried tears
and the safety was off...

As soon as my right hand reached the temple
My steady fingers squeezed to death
A roaring final act
of me.

As my hand slumped flayed
My soul defied gravity
Soul, now spirit gazed down upon a
body once his
Eternal peace alas!

Sunday, June 30, 2013
Topic(s) of this poem: depression,suicide
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