Finders Keepers

Why the worries of the if's but's and maybe's
Words holding back the truth
Go forward, chase your dreams and stay busy
And try and live your life for you

There's always something in the way
You talk yourself into believing
Then only to wonder what others might say
And knocks down everything you are achieving

We fill our days with routines that are hard to break
Leaving no room for spontanious moves
Filling our calenders with plans we've made
Not realizing It's our own life we lose

If only we could knock down the barriers we build
Going on with whats in our hearts
Taking a chance at life being filled
With a sky full of falling stars

Stand up, take what you want
And then you make it yours
There'll be no regrets unless if you don't
Or you can live with always wanting more

If you love someone and they love you
What else do you really need
Permission to play with reasons that are few
And go not knowing where it would lead

So if you find it, then keep it
Without any hesitation at all
If you sew it, then reap it
But don't end up beating your head against the wall!

Saturday, October 18, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: life