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In America

In America, the birds are free to fly winter, spring, summer and fall
In America, there are homeless people that die without anybody knowing
them at all

Break The Chain

Sound asleep in the middle of the night
I dreamed a dream so real
It was the darkest dream i ever had in my

Young To Old, Old To New

Be nice to the older people
And take a little time out for them
It won't be long before your old and feeble
And your own body will no longer mend

Our Country Tis Of Thee

The waters of foreign lands that flood
Are now stained with our country's soldier's blood
The ones whom live come back with our flag all furled
With the embarrassment of injustice that now rules our

The Perfect Image

Mirror mirror on the wall
Who's the fairest of them all
An image of what makes us feel real
Coming from an inner self-insecurity

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