Young To Old, Old To New Poem by Katherine Perry

Young To Old, Old To New

Rating: 4.8

Be nice to the older people
And take a little time out for them
It won't be long before your old and feeble
And your own body will no longer mend

Let them remind us we are all on the selfsame
And each day takes us nearer to the time
When we'll be on the other side of a listening
ear learning
That the circle of life is of all creation of

Though their hair has turned white
And skin so thin it tears
Their voice becomes louder
For it is hard for them to hear

Their body has shrunk
To be much shorter than years past
And their teeth can come out
To show their gums when they laugh

They forget about things that are small
And they might not remember your name at all
But they never forget how to sing
The old hymns after the church bells ring

And no matter if they're angry or sad
It's because they're confused about the life
they once had
Realizing they will never get that back
Reminding them of being old, And the time lived
that took away all that

So let us be more thoughtful
And have patience with their feet so slow
For one day you'll be doing the walking
In those same shoes, when it's time to go

For the most valuable thing we can recieve
more than anything else in life
Is the wisdom of the elderly and their stories
from a lived long life

And let us learn from this wisdom and be enriched
by their insight
So that we may be treated the same before we're
guided towards that heavenly light

Youth turns into old
When finished with things to do
And the reward comes after living
When the old are made brand new! !

Sunday, November 9, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: life
I was inspired to write this poem, about a dear man named Ralph Book McBride and the pleasure it was in knowing him. For he was a beautiful example of living a life full of whats real and what should be valued as a meaningful life. He was admired and well respected for his character and for his unmeasurable amount of faith. He will be remembered!
Jak Black 09 November 2014

I have nothing but admiration for the sentiment potrayed in this poem. You are obviously a compassionate lady. Ralph McBride found a good friend in you. Well done, Katherine.

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Galina Italyanskaya 09 November 2014

Great message in this poem! I like it. And maybe not just because it's our future, but also because these people have done so much for us. Good should be returned. And even if they haven't, we should be kind to them to make their thoughts about this world better.

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Gajanan Mishra 09 November 2014

reward comes after living, true, thanks. Please read my poems and say something..

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