First Day! Poem by Denis Martindale

First Day!

Reflect upon that special day, the day we first believe,
Perhaps to kneel, perhaps to pray, God's Spirit to receive.
Perhaps to speak in tongues as well, or filled with energy,
Baptised for Heaven, saved from Hell, because of Calvary.
God's promises abide within, amazing grace to hold!
God's mercy cleansing us from sin! The greatest story ever told!

Reflect upon that first love when Lord Jesus blessed each one,
Who said, You must be born again, and we knew that was done.
With Scriptures living in each heart, as angels praised the Lord,
Each one of us got a fresh start, our spirits now restored.
Just think of how alive we were, that first love to embrace!
Praise God when memories occur of God's amazing grace!

Denis Martindale. Thursday, the 8th of September 2022.

The Gospel poem got shared on Revelation TV's show
R-Mornings on Thursday, the 8th of September 2022.

Friday, September 23, 2022
Topic(s) of this poem: christianity
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