Fish Bouncing Kiss Poem by Riyas Qurana

Fish Bouncing Kiss

Came apart

The next moment, why was it that both had to see the branch of tree where we sat?

The leaf eluding the grip comes off the branch.

for a short distance our eyes too fell, along with the leaf

then we went away.

In a moment when we went past hundreds of memory-years of the heart we met beside the same tree.

Both didn't forget to say that we lost our way and arrived there by chance.

The hundreds of memory-years remained as just two hours then.

Though the reason given for arriving there was not true, both were the same, you pointed out.

I pointed out the sameness in agreeing to part ways.

We shared the memory-year of both of us.

Casting shadow a cloud pursued said she.

I told her of the river that streamed roaring, . bursting open the mountain

She spoke of the startling event when the night covering the day and then folding its sheet.

I chased away the crow that sat above her, on the tree.

Intervening, ‘what have you done, asked she. Looking up when she didn't see the crow, enraged, went chasing the wind and circling, swirling and twirling returning to my side.

How can the crow chased away remain here, asked I.

That leaf has not yet touched the ground. It kept falling.

She climbed on to it and sat.

For the sake of sitting she shook off the leaf with her glance and made it come off.

It was time for us to return home.

Henceforth the fish can spring and bounce; who has told you what means fish. It is secret exclusive.

The fish she had, wandered upon my cheek, lilting and leaping.

Mine, on her lips.

Nothing whatsoever fell on the ground, writhed and died.

We set forth to our respective homes.

Monday, November 21, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: fiction
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