Reminiscence Of My Mother, Filling In Blank Poem by Riyas Qurana

Reminiscence Of My Mother, Filling In Blank

Rating: 3.0

I created the night with light
And light with night.

I created the sea with smoke and hill with water
The sky with earth
And earth with clouds.

I created trees with air and air with leaves
Men are embedded with wombs in my town.

Everything happen on order made by women there
Gods are cursed to wander about from tree to tree

Birds are the only vehicle in the town
You could notice animals being cultivated
In a corner of the town and flourishing
One of the sisters of Eva announced over there
That she found the eleventh knowledge

Only male child is born out of wombs of men
And they keep their children tying to their tails
Till they grow up.

Women are not born and they keep ascending
Direct from the heaven above
The account of the life in this town
Is only a day with seven nights.
It is beyond thousands of light years.

No death for women in my town
Men lick and lick the heels of women
To last long
Lest they are no more.

Women get up in the down and shake off
their flowing hair down the earth
and hurl on the ground as stars
It is the food for the men

I am looking forward
When do you come to visit my town
The town appears breathing in vapor
and then disappears.

Friday, September 30, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: fiction
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