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Fishing In The Muddy Water

We are all fisherman directly or Indirectly, There are pretty fisherman anywhere And everywhere, Some people act like fishermen, but In fact they fail, Some were born fishermen and they love To be fishermen for ever and ever, Some fishermen are greatly skilled are Experienced while Others are not, Fishing is a job, a hobby, and patience, To have the fisherman's job, It means dedication to a patient life, To have fishing as a hobby, It's just a funny thing, and To have fishing for life, It means for life and for ever and ever, It's to get into the sea with its great mightiness, A lovely thing is to love what you are dedicating Yourself to, Dedication means giving for ever and ever, Fishing is a hook, a rope, a fishing net, a hat, A basket, ......., ........, A boat is a pretty tool to get more fish and More attachment to the sea's life, Fishermen are the heroes who play the main roles In getting involved around, There are young and old fishermen Anywhere and everywhere, A sailor is a pretty friend of a fisherman, Patience is the greatest tool towards Reaching the ultimate aim, A normal fisherman needs a basket, but A pretty fisherman needs boxes for more fish, Knowledge is needed and experience too, Everything is needed because It's not an easy job or a career, Some fishermen die while working in hard times, while Others survive to tell us their stories, The pretty sea has a big belly, We are like the sons and the daughters to that Big sea, Sea foods are delicious, but Getting them is hard, A sea's life is hard and Some like to fish in the muddy water Because they were born to be like this.

Sunday, April 20, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: life