Flight-Headed Girl... Poem by Denis Martindale

Flight-Headed Girl...

Ascending... into the twilight,
My head's still in a haze,
Yet downward glancing at the sight,
The city now to gaze...
While inwardly, regretful, sad,
Yet growing more relieved,
Beyond the man I thought I had,
Yet foolishly believed...

Despite the fact, I miss him still,
This was no time to stay,
I miss him and I always will,
Though now I fly away...
One light, the moon I see in flight,
Small stars I wished upon,
So glorious, so pale, so bright,
Although all hope has gone...

The moon shines on, amid the stars,
So silver and serene,
All memories of me will pass,
All dreams of me once seen...
But I will dream of him for years,
Recall half-truths and lies,
Perhaps to wake up through the years,
With teardrops from my eyes...

But life's crammed full of lessons learned,
They linger in the mind,
The chance of wondrous true love spurned,
By one thought good and kind...
He's now the one man I can't love,
My Ex... now far apart,
For he's beneath me, I'm above,
Plane Jane... with a broken heart...

Denis Martindale June 2016.

Thursday, June 30, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: sadness,lost love
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