Thoughts of a Single Man

Footsteps On The Ledge - Poem by Thoughts of a Single Man

She runs across the rooftops
leaping effortlessly into the air
as if she had wings
she soars hands raised
as if her fingertips were grazing the clouds above her
here she flies on the ether of emotion
for here above the stress she is free from the commotion
there is no pain here
and she can be free as where the wind goes
every morning she rises with the dawn
and stands looking over the city
as the golden rays strike the pavement
she races to the end of the structure and leaps like the gazelle
what would happen if she fell
what stories would they tell
who would remember the rooftop runner
who raced and crossed the roofs of summer
it is the only way she knows how
to break the shackles of her tension
from the sin and shame she cannot mention
she will be free
one way or another of the cage built for her
it cannot contain her spirit
and when she jumps she can see the future of freedom
and she feels so near it
she can almost touch it
reality lies below but there are dreams here
where she clings
a boss in motion she moves like a blur
never hesitating she moves through the air
but on this morning she has stopped
and pauses standing on the ledge
wondering if she should not leap
but fall and just end it all
she is weary
her pain seems to throb like heartbeat
on a scarred soul
new to old still fresh and so bold
for a moment if she dropped she would be floating
and then hoping that the next page is a glorious one
where the light will touch her as she greets heavens door
forever more
but she is a fighter and she must take flight
and continue to walk the rope so tight
for there are others who share her plight
and so she runs for the nameless and the blameless as well
who are still trapped in their own personnel hell
she moves back and springs to next awaiting ledge
running on for she still has stories to tell
and words to share for those who dare
to dream like she does and so she runs on
perhaps today she will not stop
until she either plummets in the drop
or escapes on into the horizon of last rooftop

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, September 1, 2012

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