For A Life Time. Poem by Tara Schley

For A Life Time.

There hasn't been a year, 

a month, 
a week,
that my heart hasn't missed you.

The dance of the wind

in the leaves
 on the trees
that were witness 
to your lips on mine
 so soft and light
 reminds me of you.

There hasn't been a day, 

a hour, 
a minute, 
that my heart hasn't loved you.

When sun and the winter winds
 flush red the skin on my cheeks.
My refection reminds me
 this was once also the result
 of your love, your face on mine.

There hasn't been a second, 
 that I can't recall you:
your laughter,

your smile, 

your fragrance, 

your arms around me, 
your breathing in sleep beside me.

For a lifetime, 

my lifetime, 

I will miss you.

Tara Schley

For A Life Time.
Tuesday, December 21, 2021
Topic(s) of this poem: affinity and love
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