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We didn't know each other,


The days,
the hours,
the seconds
flow into one another.

All of the things,


Remember that vibrant, beautiful yellow rose?
That you gave to me on our first date.
Before it lost all its beauty,

I don't watch babies be given needles.
I look away when I see roadkill.
I don't slow down to stare at dead bodies in lethal car accidents.
I skip the torture scenes in movies.

Dying must be the easy part?
Not as hard as it seems.
It's living with a broken heart
Missing you,

You didn't try to understand,
trying to make you understand,

Put away all your weapons and war.
No more fighting, tears or sorrow.
When you walk through the streets,
there will be no need to cower or scurry.

One day you will lose someone to death,
They will lay in front of you,
all their life gone.
Their eyes open but not seeing.

No integrity people.
Liar people.
No honour people.
Hypocrite people.

Biting winter walk
The wind turns my skin crimson
Reminding of you

The couple given:
pots, pans, a tea set, a quilt,
a doll for the bride.

I stood:

There was once a poet whose name was Tad.
Whose wife was a poet named Astrad.
When they had a baby,
after scads of maybes.

There hasn't been a year, 

a month, 
a week,
that my heart hasn't missed you.

When your Facebook gets hacked and locked.
Clearly the stalker his friends.
They keep reporting it as theirs.
The stalker, his friends.

As I rode through the streets,
the buildings fell dark. The bridges,
streets, freeways became clogged with vehicles.
Impassable except to foot or bike traffic.

I wish: we were all 13yrs old
and on a hot summer night
I'd sneak out to go
ride bikes with you.


Before: my Uncle, Dr. Stephen Lowe was murdered
in a home invasion in Prince George, B.C.

by a teenage neighbour,

Tara Schley Biography

I mostly like to write free verse poems. Non fiction and fictional poems. I live in Canada. Poetry is a passion of mine. I hope my poems help the readers in some way with some thing that happened to them, that they have been through in life or just have felt the same way. A poet that I currently can't get enough of is Charles Bukowski. A big fan. If he was alive I'd be very much annoying him. :) Tara. Tara.)

The Best Poem Of Tara Schley


We didn't know each other,


we knew each other's names
and numbers.
We learned how we each took our coffee.
Me, two sugars and milk.
You, tea but you told me black coffee for the first two weeks because you thought your drinking black coffee was more impressive.

We learned each other.
Each other's needs and history. Early bird, late owl.
You hated all my favourite food.
I loved all the food you hated.
We disliked each other's mothers.
But you liked your mother
and I liked my mother.

We learned each other's bodies,
like they were our bodies.
We learned each other's secret looks from across a room.

'I want to leave! '
'Save me from this person'
'That was weird? ! '
'Stop talking! '
'I'm not feeling well.'
'This is boring.'
'Stop flirting'
'I'm going to **** you as soon as we get home'
and all the 'I love you.'
secret looks.

We knew each other.
And sometimes we fought with each other.
We knew each other's lines
and just how far to push them.


We started crossing the lines.
I started cooking only my favourite food.
You stopped giving me secret looks.
We started fighting about your mother
and my mother.
And we stopped ****ing when we got home.

We went out for coffee I ordered you a tea.
You stopped drinking tea you said.


I saw you out the other day.
I hardly recognized you.
It's been that many years.

I realized,
we don't know each other,

Tara Schley

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