When Death Separates. Poem by Tara Schley

When Death Separates.

One day you will lose someone to death,
They will lay in front of you,
all their life gone.
Their eyes open but not seeing.
You will try to close a mouth, that won't.

Someone you thought you couldn't get through life without.
All your happy times, bad times, laughter, fights,
Will run through your mind.
You will wish you could take back all the words, except;
'I love you, I am nothing without you'.

If you are the lucky ones you will be
many, years old.
You will not have long to live without them.
Pray to all the Gods,
wish on all the stars, birthday candles and dandelions,
that this is your story.

For the rest of us.
We are facing what feels like lifetime of life live without them.
We are in the know,
of how truly fragile life is.

The others think they know.
They don't.
They do not know. Yet.
How it is to live without their,

Who was
their home,
their future,
their life,
their hope,
their love.

Like you were,
my home,
my future,
my life
my hope
my love.

And now,
my past.
You are part of my past now,
my dear love.
My lovely, love.
And, oh what I would give,
even my own soul,
to have you in my future.

Tara Schley

When Death Separates.
Friday, August 27, 2021
Topic(s) of this poem: deaths,grief,life
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