For The Love Of Writing Poem by Nivedita Moitra

For The Love Of Writing

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It soars by dawn, by dusk it sighs
In heart it dwells, in head it cries
seeking aide while in trade
dreams are dreams, though betrayed. (4)

Sir just a bit of your time
though it hasn't reached its prime
come morning see it shine
You would see it is divine (8)

It talks of the early glow,
the scents in the breeze that flow
the cuckoo that makes music sweet
walks in the wood, and the sparrows greet. (12)

How my heart sails seeking more
to behold that gleaming shore
where strangers stroll in disguise
the lover asserts, the beloved shies. (16)

I ask-A beauty isn't it?
He says - Frivilous lines, no grit.
I Ask - What not upto your taste?
He Says - A work compiled in haste. (20)

You just see what is bright
not the world i live in
great poets reflected plight,
destitutes, hunger, death and sin. (24)

earn a living is the pressing need
time goes by, you have mouths to feed
dreams are dreams they forever plead
crushed and crumpled there they bleed. (28)

Now i serve the insatiable mass
oozing arrogance, and mouthing crass
caged in the splendour of numerous malls
now and then the celular calls. (32)

they rejoice in new trends
in their lives the gadget blends
the birds dont chirp and animals cry
am i the one to make amends? (36)

walls that crawl to keep me out
grow up, higher and stout.
the music pours on a different shore
not heard or seen or sung anymore. (40)

I gear up to hold the pen
going back to the writer's den
pouring lines that don't rhyme
abstract words that dont chime. (44)

Ma'am do pay heed
for what i have to say
its not frivolous has got grit
you will learn bit by bit. (48)

braved and shielded through severe tide,
bleak and bright, through ages glide
they roar, they whimper, they gnaw and grumble
in walks of life, they often tumbles. (52)

the mornings comes with a pang
gone are the friends that once sang
we chased and they abide
we were hungry thus they died. (56)

Jazib Kamalvi 02 November 2017

A sublime start with a nice poem, Nivedita. You may like to read my poem, Love And Lust. Thank you

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Matt Daffern 02 May 2012

Thank you, for looking at my poems. I enjoyed the rhyme scheme of both of your works, and am quite envious of the fact that you are writing freely, even though you rhyme most of your sentences.

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Deep Mukherjee 30 January 2012

a great piece of work! ! ! ! ! looking forward for more of you! ! !

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