Soaked Poem by Nivedita Moitra


when i soaked the words pouring,
I know not
The pool of words made such music
i'm afraid i heard not
Maybe I wasn't that willing
n also quite distracted
and so i cared not.(7)

But u kept pouring
from dusk till dawn
to the ones who cared to know
n to the ones who were made deaf
by the noises outside
incessantly fighting off the chaos,
nourishing minds with wisdom.(14)

growing up, trying things
getting high, getting hooked,
battling temptatioms, battling hormones
giving up, soaking love.
the things i was drawn to
passions strong to shut my mind
to the wisdom poured.(21)

the devout ones stayed firm
heard every word spoken,
embraced every thought shared
read each night, by morning they gleamed
with pleasure of what they gained
and the music about to be heard,
they geared up to soak the words.(28)

one ought to be grateful for the little mercies
for i wasn't completely blind or deaf.
I saw the gleam that shone on them
i heard the song they begin to hum
i tried too but didn't know the words
i felt the pang of being the
cause of my own deprivation.(35)

I mourned for the moments lost
and tried to sing a song of my own
twas out of key, so what.
i practised day and night
still failed using all my might.
and so i tried to seek some more
songs that faraway pour.(42)

R.k Das 03 February 2012

a poem with a phenomenal range and intensity, , thanx

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